The Kodenkan Judo of Master Okazaki

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AJG Newsletter, Nov 1941

This is the American Jujitsu (sic. Jujutsu) Guild newsletter for November 1941. It lists the Board Members and Goals of the AJG. The AJG is the original pre-WWII organization established to promote Kodenkan Judo. 
These were the Senior Instructors still in Hawaii. Professor Okazaki was an Advisor to the Guild.

Many years later the contributions of Professor Okazaki's closest students would all but be forgotten and a concurrent junior black belt would be taking credit for being the sole benefactor of instruction.

Don't be misled by rank or title. Decide for yourself.

The link below will take you back in history to only days before Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. 

A few comments:
Please note that Anderson is on the Manual Committee, along with Professor Okazaki and Professor Rickerts. 

Those who have a copy of Anderson's notebook likely possess the original "Kata Manual" of the AJG. The purpose was to foster uniformity of instruction among the Kodenkan affiliated schools.

Also, it was Anderson's scroll that was sent to the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. for translation. The name of the translator and title is provided:
Akira Miyazaki, Secretary of the Imperial Japanese Embassy, Washington, D.C.

The Secretary of the Embassy is usually one highly skilled in their own culture as well as the culture and language of their assignment. They might (at that time) have the equivalent of several Phds. 

It would have to be considered a high honor for someone of such prestige to have taken the time to translate the Kodenkan Mokuroku for posterity.

Prepared by: David A. Scheid