The Kodenkan Judo of Master Okazaki

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Harold McLean

Harold McLean, Danzan Ryu Judo Professor

One day, long ago an event took place. The year was 1935, before modern medicine. 

A couple of lads were taking Judo mats (the canvas covered type) and throwing them out of a 3rd story window to the walkway below. 1st one mat, then another and another and because of the effort, a needed rest. Then another mat and another mat until all the mats were tossed out the window to the ground below.

Finishing that task, the lads went outside to load the mats onto a truck. There was going to be a Jui-jitsu demonstration and they 1st had to transport the mats to the location. So, the lads began taking one mat off the pile and throwing it onto the truck and then another. After several mats had been loaded they found a young boy who had been buried by the mats. How he got on the mats no one knew. Perhaps while the lads were resting, the boy jumped on them and laid down. No one knew.

A quick rush came upon the lads as they saw this boy with a face blue from suffocation. One immediately went and got Professor "Tiny" McLean[1] and he quickly came to the boy. He told the lad to go get help, to call for an ambulance and he, Professor McLean, would see what he could do. The other lad stood by and watched while Professor McLean "went to work" on the youth using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and CPR.

Finally, the ambulance arrived with the medical crew, but by this time the boy had revived and was beginning to breathe normally. He was still taken away by the ambulance and kept for observation. He recovered fully and was released.

This miracle in reviving a dead boy who had already turned blue was performed by Professor McLean. The lad witnessing this event was the 2nd son of one of Professor McLean's closest friends, Curley Freedman. His name is George Freedman and this is his story.

[1] Professor McLean was the 1st Professor promoted by Master Okazaki. At the 1st promotion in 1938 where 6 were promoted (5 were present), Master Okazaki dedicated a minute of silence in remembrance.

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