The Kodenkan Judo of Master Okazaki

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Marion Anderson's Notebook


This is a reprint of the


used by the Armed Service Y.M.C.A. Jujitsu Club.

Hickman Jujitsu Guild, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1940-1942

In 1939 & 1940, Prof. Okazaki’s Jujitsu School, The Hawaiian Jujitsu Guild, was overly crowded with 60 to 70 students. The Prof. divided the class into three groups. Each would work for 30 minutes, then sit and watch for an hour and then get back on the mat for 30 minutes. The “mat was a wooden platform with seven pieces of canvas nailed down without padding.

Since the U.S. was at war with Japan, a picture of the President and an American Flag was added to the Picture of the Japanese Jujitsu Master so students could bow to whichever they wished.

With Prof. Okazaki’s blessings, two of his students opened a branch school. One was Don Carver, who had been a professional wrestler and who was responsible for adding many of the wrestling techniques into the Kodenkan or Dan Zan Ryu JuJitsu and the other was Marion Anderson, a Judo and Jujitsu student of Prof. Okazaki. When Carver was transferred to England, Marion Anderson became the school head and had this manual printed.

Rudy Palguta, a government employee who received his forth grade Black Belt from Prof. Okazaki, worked out at both schools and reports that the system and the Kata Boards as they are known was a joint venture of Prof. Okazaki, Carver and Anderson.

When Rudy Palguta was transferred to Lambert Field in St. Louis Mo., he opened a Jujitsu School and was excused from his duties to teach the four hour classes. After a time, Rudy was transferred to Kansas City and joined Fred Hartman, who was running a Judo School, and Vogle Kranichfield, who had been trained in Commando fighting.

The school was called the ‘Midwest Jujitsu Club’ and taught Kokenkan JuJitsu using this manual and the Kata boards on the wall. Thirty years later some of the Kata Boards hang unchanged at the Sunflower Budo Club of Prof. Ken Regennitter, who was a student at the Midwest Jujitsu Club.

Rudy and Prof. Estes were able to renew the friendship of two of Prof. Okazaki’s students at a Region 3 clinic held by Prof. Estes and Prof. Fisher.

This Manual, provided by Prof. Regennitter, is offered for comparison with the present A.J.J.F. Kata Manual, first to show that the A.J.J.F. has continued the Kodenkan tradition and, secondly, to show some of the changes made by both Prof. Okazaki and his students.

(Note: The intro included a statement that the material would be reprinted exactly as provided in the original “Kata” manual, however, this was not authenticated for this reedited version. A few Arts have garbled sentences. The complete Notebook is preserved and available. - Ed. 1991)

(Ed. Comment: There was an "Okugi" held in 1948. Among those seated along side Professor Okazaki was Marion Anderson. This is a position of high honor and reserved for honored guests and chief instructors. I was told that Anderson received his Godan from Professor Okazaki and along with one or two others, approached Okazaki and requested that this class be taught so that many would benefit from the full teachings from the Master. In other words, Anderson was not present as a Student, as some might insinuate. He was there as an Assistant Master to Master Okazaki.)



(Elementary Self-Defense Arts)

1. Katate Hazushi “A” Outside wrist hold break.

2. Katate Hazushi “B” Inside wrist hold break.

3. Ryote Hazushi Two hand hold break.

4. Morote Hazushi Two hands on one break.

5. Yubi Tori Hazushi Finger grip break.

6. Momiji Hazushi Breaking a choke.

7. Ryoeri Hazushi Two hands on lapel break.

8. Yubi Tori Hand hold on sensitive 3rd finger.

9. Moro Yubi Tori Hand hold using all fingers.

10. Katate Tori One hand wrist break.

11. Ryote Tori Two hand or double wrist break.

12. Ude Tori A quick armbar.

13. Kotemaki Tori A wrist and arm lock.

14. Imon Tori Break hand - pushing chest.

15. Ryoeri Tori Break 2nd grip on lapels, twist wrist.

16. Akushu Kote Tori Break handshake & twist wrist out.

17. Akushu Ude Tori Apply arm bar from hand shake.

18. Akushu Katate Tori A wrist break from a handshake.

19. Kubi Nuki Shime Break headlock & apply hammerlock.

20. Tekubi Tori “A” Break wrist grip & apply arm twist.

21. Tekubi Tori “B” Break cross grip & apply reverse wrist twist.

22. Hagai Shime A full nelson from a blow.

Nage No Kata

(Throwing Arts)

1. Deashi Harai Advanced foot sweep.

2. Sasae Ashi Retarded leg stop throw,

3. Okuri Harai Sidestep sweep.

4. Soto Gama Outside sickle.

5. Uchi Gama Inside sickle.

6. Soto Momo Harai Outside thigh sweep.

7. Uchi Momo Harai Inside thigh sweep.

8. Ogoshi Buttock throw.

9. Utsuri Goshi Counter for Ogoshi.

10. Seoi Nage Shoulder throw.

11. Ushiro Goshi Rear throw (counter for Seoi Nage).

12. Seoi Goshi Shoulder buttock throw.

13. Tsurikomi Goshi Raised arms - buttock throw.

14. Harai Goshi A sweep (thigh & leg).

15. Hane Goshi Spring of hip & leg throw.

16. Uki Otoshi Dropping pull down throw.

17. Makikomi Grapevine arm throw & hold.

18. Kane Sute Flying Scissors throw.

19. Tomoe Nage Overhead circle throw.

20. Yama Arashi Demolition throw.

Shime No Kata

(Throwing, Choking & Body Presses)

1. Eri Katami Apply strangling headlock with arm free.

2. Kata Katami Apply strangling headlock with arm pinned.

3. Juji Katami Apply crossbody arm lock with scissors on arm.

4. Shiho Katami Body press, smother face after countering blow.

5. Sankaku Katami Miss Tomoe Nage and apply figure-4 strangle.

6. Ushiro Katami Body stretch from rear after countering throw.

7. Namijuji Shime Ordinary choke with fingers inside.

8. Gyakujuji Shime Choke with thumbs inside.

9. Ichimonji Shime Choke with hand on lapel strangle.

10. Tsukkomu Shime Knuckle press strangle.

11. Hadaka Jime “A” Choke with head in front of body w/o jacket.

12. Hadaka Jime “B” Bare arm strangle from rear.

13. Hadaka Jime “C” Bare arm strangle – arm interlocked.

14. Dakikubi Jime Throw from headlock then apply pressure.

15. Osaegame Jime Grab hair & chin & break neck by a quick twist.

16. Kote Jime Cross body armlock

17. Tenada Jime Armbar from resisting strangle or press.

18. Dho Jime Body scissor and arm bar.

19. Ashi Karame Jime Grapevine leg stretch.

20. Ashi Nada Jime Leg lock or leg bar.

21. Ashi Yubi Jime Leg lock and foot twist.

22. Momo Jime Break with leg scissors.

23. Shika No Issoku   Leg and hammerlock.

24. Shidaro Fugi Shime Choke with toes by missing Tomoe Nage.

25. Tatsu No Omake Shime Reverse arm bar.

Oku No Kata

(Advanced Throwing and Submission Arts)

1. Deashi Hayanada Advanced foot sweep and quick bar.

2. Ogoshi Hayanada Buttock throw and quick bar.

3. Seoi Hayanada Shoulder throw and quick bar.

4. Norimi Counter O Goshi and strangle.

5. Sumigaeshi Corner circle throw using feet.

6. Mizukuguru Squat under push thow over back.

7. Maeyamakagi Counter Seoi Nage, throw & kick to collar bone.

8. Komiiri Force into leg split when opponent crouches.

9. Kotegaeshi Block blow, armwhip, block blow, throw, submit.

10. Sakanuke Avoid head & stomach bump, armwhip & break arm.

11. Gyakute Nage Counter, throw and apply step over armbar.

12. Hontomoe Circle throw, strangle & grapevine legbar.

13. Katate Tomoe One arm circle throw.

14. Shigarami Block blow, break arm over shoulder & thow.

15. Gyaku Shigarami Hold opponent in hammerlock with one foot.

16. Kote Shigarami Hold opponent with one hand.

17. Kogaruma Counter for Mizukuguru.

18. Tora Nage Three headlock hip throws.

19. Tora Katsugi Throw with Obie and strangle.

20. Arashi Otoshi Quick lapel strangle and throw.

21. Hiki Otoshi Throw and apply leg bar.

22. Kinu Katsugi Shoulder wheel or pile driver.

23. Kin Katsugi Shoulder wheel from kneeling & strike testicles.

24. Kaza Guruma Windmill spin and reverse body stretch.

25. Jigoko Otoshi Shoulder spin and pile driver (airplane spin).

Shinin No Maki

(Scroll of the rhythmic spirit, ed. Original spelling, ed.)

1. Isami Tasuki Nage Over the shoulder piledriver.

2. Obie Hane Goshi Hip & leg throw using obi.

3. Tsurikomi Taoshi Off balance throw.

4. Momiji Nage Strangle using knee countering after throw.

5. Gyaku Hayanada Breaking reverse armbar from blow.

6. Hiza Nage A knee wheel throw.

7. Osaekomi Gyakute Tori From throw & armbar w/leg apply Yeri Katame.

8. Kobushi Shime From throw apply pressure on buttocks.

9. Kesa Hazushi Apply legbreak after breaking from rear hold.

10. Kubishime Tomoe Gyakute Counter Momiji Nage, arms crossed & armbar.

11. Ninin Nage Break from two man carry.

12. Gyakute Gaeshi Arm whip throw and break.

13. Hizaori Nage Circle throw using knee and foot.

14. Gyaku Hagai Double arm lock from side.

15. Ushiro Kannuki Double arm lock from rear.

16. Mae Kannuki Double arm lock from front.

17. Hikitate Tori Shime A reverse armbar from sitting position on knee.

18. Ude Garami Body stretch with armlock & leglock on mat.

19. Ebi Shime Lobster choke.

20. Ushiro Ebi Shime Force down double armlock sitting on back.

21. Gyaku Eri Shime Quick standing strangle.

22. Ushiro Nage Rear throw.

23. Ude Shigarami Shime Short arm scissors.

24. Ashi Kannuki Indian Death lock.

25. Kesa Koroshi Head butt on solar plexus.

26. Hando Shime Side scissors, armbar and strangle.

27. Ashi Gyaku Corkscrew leglock from front.

28. Kabe Shime Standing strangle.

29. Ashi Karami Tori Break Ashi Karami & apply leg and arm bar.

30. Nidan Gaeshi Arm whip from stomach bump, kick, lobster choke.

31. Satsuma Shime Monkey Strangle (rear).

32. Tataki Komi Surf board hold.

33. Ushiro Nage Tori One hand crosslock on arms after throw.

34. Saru Shigarmi Arm stretch right angle to body.

35. Sandan Gaeshi Tora Nage Gyakute Gaeshi.

Prepared by: David A. Scheid