The Kodenkan Judo of Master Okazaki

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Okazaki's 1925 Diploma

Prof. Okazaki’s Jujutsu Scroll

Link: Scan of Scroll

Danzan Ryu Jujutsu

Goshin No Kata Mokuroku

Dated: 1925, Toshi Shihoda; Judo Kyokai (Bafu) ; [Association]

Top Bottom

Katate Hazushi Ryote Hazushi

Morote Hazushi Yubi Tori Hazushi

Akushu Kote Tori Akushu Ude Tori

Akushu Kote Maki Shime Kata Hiza Shime

Ryo Mune Hazushi Momiji Hazushi

Kata Eri Tori Ryo Mune Tori

Momiji Tori Emon Tori

Kata Eri Tori Ryoeri Hazushi

Katate Tori Ryote Tori

Yubi Tori Kubi Nuki

Komi Iri Hagai Shime (Beppo)

Katate Tori Hiza Guruma

O Goshi Harai Goshi

Yoko Otoshi Tawara Gaeshi

Tomoe Nage Sumi Gaeshi

Seoi Nage (Beppo) Haya Katana

Tsuki Hazushi Tsuki Komi Taoshi

Mizu Kuguri Keri Komi

Me Tsubushi Tai Atari

(Misasugi) Ryo Ichi Moji (Beppo) Hanbo Atama

Hanbo Bo Hanbo Tsuki

Hanbo Shime Shoto Hibara Hazushi

(Kogatama) Shoto Kata Hazushi Shoto Tsuki Komi Hazushi

Tanju Hibara Hazushi Tanju Me Hazushi

Tanju Mune Hazushi Sannin Nage


N.B: If Kappo is only Kuden, it must not be forgotten.

  1. Giving your life for your master is called Loyalty.

  2. Not turning your back on the Love and well being of your parents is called Filial Piety.

  3. Respect for Aged, care for Rank, having pity on the Commoners is called Humanity.

  4. Once agreeing to something, following it through to the end is called Righteousness.

  5. Humility and Giving Way to others is called propriety.

  6. Devising a Strategy and embarking on a 1,000 mile journey to implement it is called Stratagem (Reason).

  7. Never allow a Lie, even for a Moment.

  8. Don’t betray Trust.

  9. Don’t be anxious in times of no competition.

  10. Don’t Grieve.

  11. Don’t Yield.

  12. Never Hesitate in the correction of an Error.

  13. Don’t associate with Unjust or Frivolous People.

  14. Don’t Over Drink.

  15. Control Carnal Pleasures.

  16. Avoid Jealous Prejudices.

  17. Be Frugal.

  18. Guard Against Haughtiness.

  19. Observe others’ bad points and Correct Yourself.

  20. Observe the Above.


Haiku: Yuki No Ue Ni Furitsumu Poem: Listen for the sound

Yuki No Oto O Kiki of falling snow;

Hito Oto Karareba If you can do that,

Min To Shizumake try to see it.”

Taisho 15 (Sept. 1927)

Maui Judo Kyokai Maui Judo Association

Hawaii, Hilo; Danzan Ryu Jujutsu Shihan

Okazaki Seishiro

Shimoda Yukio

Prepared by: David A. Scheid